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Imagine beaches of white sand bordered sometimes by mountains, sometimes by forests or by mangroves,

Imagine underwater floors of an exceptional beauty, where lives hundreds of corals and myriads of colorful fishes,

Imagine these unique enchanting geological landscapes with the Abbé Lake and the limestone chimneys, Lake Assal and the white layers of salt and gypsum, the primary Day forest, its species and rare flora now defunct,

Imagine this succession of grassy plains, of stony plateaus and sandy deserts separated by a multitude of colored mountains, Imagine all these locations that offer you the possibility of expeditions, mountaineering, trekking or sand yachting,

Imagine also the islands of the Seven brothers and the Detroit of Bab-el-Mandeb, migratory corridor for hundreds of thousands birds that allows a precise ornithological observation.

The Republic of Djibouti, Land of exchange and meeting, offers you diversified products: diving, fishing, combined excursions with sea and Bush, discovering of a rich geology, adventure and visiting unusual landscapes with the guaranty you wil experience a complete change of scenery.

The warm welcome of its population and the quality of its delivery make the Republic of Djibouti a tourist destination loved and appreciated by its visitors.

This web site should help you to discover our natural potential and culture.

Be Welcome.